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Accelerate Your Path to Residential Assisted Living Success

Don't let precious time and money slip away while you're on the sidelines. Our team of experts is here to help you take the first step toward a profitable and fulfilling RAL business.

With our proven system and personalized guidance, you can start seeing results faster than you ever thought possible. Ready to see if now is the right time for you to join the ranks of successful RAL operators?

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Why partnering with Optimized is a win-win

Proven Business Model

By partnering with Optimized, you will be leveraging a proven business model that has helped many others achieve success in the residential assisted living industry.

Financial Freedom and Meaningful Impact:

By owning and operating a residential assisted living property, you will not only achieve financial freedom and work-life balance, but also make a meaningful impact in your community by providing a valuable service to seniors in need.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits

Our Optimized Program offers exclusive benefits to our members, including discounted fees on insurance partners, employee insurance, marketing service discounts, staffing program network access, potential private pay sponsorships, and proprietary tech to help manage your business. You'll also receive hands-on training, access to our affiliate partners network, and ongoing support from our team.


Optimized Member+ Benefits

Optimized Member+ Benefits

Flexible Education

Our flexible curriculum consists of virtual and hands-on RAL education. Everything from operations to real estate. Graduation concludes with an onsite training excursion.

We Help with the Real Estate

Leverage our network, and find a RAL that meets your needs. Our affiliates partners include lenders, real estate agents, and funding partners that specialize in RAL. Once you find your designated property we will help you evaluate the property, build a Performa and maximize cashflow.

Optimize your Earnings

With our program, we provide practical tools and knowledge to help optimize your earnings, so you can achieve financial freedom and enjoy the work-life balance you deserve while running a successful and meaningful business.

Work/Life Optimized Plan

Whether you plan to operate yourself or hire an operator for your business, we work with you to ensure you'll have the flexibility to create the work-life balance you desire while making a meaningful impact in your community.

Dedicated Support

At Optimized, we understand that ongoing support is key to your success, which is why we provide our members with access to a network of experts and resources to ensure that you have the support you need at every step of your journey towards building a successful residential assisted living business.



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